Incamiciato two tone Murano glass

In collaboration with Nadja Romain and Laguna B, a Venice-based company spearheading the revival of the leading world class Murano glass making as a centre of artistic innovation. A subtle yet vibrant colour result comes from a traditional technique named Incamiciato, layering different colours of glass to create a strong visual impact, contrasting with the transparent base.

Each piece is made by the hands of 3 Italian masters and honours the finest of the 700 old art of making glass in Murano.

Nadja Romain is not only looking at the challenges around Murano glass making but is an activist engaged in the preservation of the Venice lagoon, the evolution of this craft and the transmission of glass making. A truly purpose driven collaboration through these stunning contemporary collectors glasses hand made to the finest quality.

A versatile hand blown Murano glass.
Material: Handblown glass, made in Venice, Italy
Colour: Blue, yellow, yellow base
Care: Hand wash in warm water with gentle soap.

*We believe in conscious consumerism therefore these products are made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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