Meet Clara

January 24, 2022

Introducing our She Inspires Talisman snapshot interviews with women that inspire us.

Meet Clara wearing our Thorani hoops.

Clara is a revered psychotherapist working with children and adults in Bali through Integrative psychological methodologies supported with alternative modalities. She has worked in Iraq, in Germany and across the globe to support people with mental health issues along with a deep range of individual obstacles to overcome. She’s passionate about connection, through friendships, art and interiors.

What’s your meditation / flirt with life?
The ocean and surfing 🌊

What does jewellery mean to you?
“Something that has personal value,
that reminds me of a time , a place, a memory,
I like jewellery which carries personal symbolism. I collect pieces from wherever I am which therefore connects me to that place for life.
Jewellery is an expression of who I am, it it gives clues to my hidden self. Such as my inner child, my playful side. It makes me feel sexy, more feminine. When wearing jewellery I feel a sense of comfort which gives me more confidence and freedom to be me.
I love that jewellery can be an ice breaker for conversation, to be able to tell the story behind it and connect more to the person you are talking to.”

Thank you @clararoedig you inspire ✨🙌
Clara wears our Thorani reversible hoops earrings. Inspired and in homage of the local inthar fishermen of Lake Inle, Myanmar. Hand made by one of our most skilled master goldsmith Pak A’ank in Bali in articulated silver with 18k reclaimed gold.

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