Incidental Beauty, Objet D'Art

January 17, 2023

We have created a conscious collection of functional objects made out of 25 million year old fossil stones, nature’s art that speaks for itself. Representing erosion, eruption and earthquakes of land and sea, that creates its incidental beauty.

Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries in the world that possesses huge numbers of species and plant forms found nowhere else. It has over 139 volcanos, 8 World Heritage sites and over 300 ethnic groups. It has a profound heritage and story, as well as abundant natural minerals that are up to 100 million years old.

Incidental Beauty is a collection that juxtaposes fossilised roots and plants as well as petrified woods. Excavated not mined, responsibly sourced and ethically made. Showcasing it’s layers upon layers of ancient natural wonder. Each piece is uniquely hand carved by Javanese masters in stone cutting following the natural curve and pattern of each excavated rough fossil stone. The collection is constantly evolving, as we add new One Of a Kind pieces each month.

We source collectible ancient raw materials of fossilised roots and plants from the remote mountain regions of Indonesia. They represent the beauty after volcanic erosion, eruption and earthquakes of land and sea over the course of more than 25 million years.

With these stone we develop one of a kind hand carved functional pieces of art.

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