Celebrating, Empowering and Saving Traditional Craft Through Bespoke Interiors

"Through great craftsmanship comes great beauty."

As a consultancy we work with our vast network of artisan communities across Indonesia and Myanmar to create and source one-of-a-kind natural and sustainable handmade interiors. Our mission is to bring ingenious traditions and skills of the past into the future with a design studio that aims to educate, empower and celebrate artisanal luxury to save craft from extinction.

Our unique limited edition pieces include Ikat textiles, natural dyed batik, woven rattan furniture, ceramics and antique objects for the home. Our portfolio grows for each project, which always happen in co-creation between us, master artisans and our clients.

We work with clients and brands who share the same values and, like us, believe that purpose comes first. A product should be defined by the integrity, quality and ethical standards of the process - what we call The Art of Slow.

Each piece is made by hand, from ceramics, weaving, hand-looming, batik art to glass blowing, the different techniques build on a millennia-long heritage of traditional skills, each with their own intricate symbolisms unique to the specific regions.

We support, collaborate and share our knowledge throughout the entire process to ensure full transparency and contribute images and storytelling related to each project.

We will soon be launching our curated series of One Of a Kind interiors, to see more follow @byrebeccamanners

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