Bespoke It Like You Mean It

A Jewel Is For Life

"It is an object that becomes part of you, your style, your story, your memory that can be passed down generations. We pride ourselves in creating one of a kind pieces with meaning."

Investing in bespoke is investing in a better tomorrow. Our bespoke pieces are true reflections of you and your story, a powerful talisman to be passed down through generations. You are invited in every step of the way as we develop your unique piece of wearable art where cultures are linked, personal stories merge and hundreds of hours of experimentations are done by the hands of master artisans.

Our Process

Working on the ground in Indonesia and Myanmar we have discovered a few rare remaining Master goldsmiths of ancient jewellery techniques such as filigree, granulation, repousse (Tatah technique) and carving, some dating back more than 3000 years. Part of our mission is to help preserve these precious cultures through design intervention. By creating quality, less pieces end up in landfills and sustainably sourced materials mean less waste so we can ensure 100% transparency in our supply chain. We donate 11% of the proceeds back into local communities so artisans benefit beyond their wages.

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